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Database Development , Data Recovery
Osaka Data Recovery (AIFORENSE JAPAN DATA RECOVERY INSTITUTE, INC.) provides data recovery service for companies and individuals. Our office is located at the center of Osaka city so that the customers whose data is lost because of the malfunction of the hard disk drive and should be retrived for their business recovery can access quick and easy.

Our services are as followings.

  1. Data recovery from HDD which is installed inside your PC or External HDD.
  2. Data recovery from HDD and removable media, such as USB memory stick or digital camera media.
  3. Data recovery from HDD with a mechanical failure.
  4. Data recovery from Volume which is corrupt and inaccessible.
  5. Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services for Corporations and Low Enforcement.

These are Not our services.

  1. Repairing PCs or Servers.
  2. Installing new HDDs.
  3. Selling PC or the periferals.
  4. Internet Cafe.
  5. Deleted IData Recovery from smart phones and tablets which are mainly used for personal use.

Osaka Eki-mae No.4 Building, 1-11-4-1000, Umeda, Kitaku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan, 530-0001

Operating Hours.
Monday to Friday : 9:00 to 18:00

Inquiry by phone.
0120-835-706 (Free call inside Japan)
06-6345-0523 (Country code is 81)

Inquiry by e-mail.
The subject should be "Data Recovery Inquiry".

If you are searching for a high level data recovery service, we would be the right one for you to choose. On the other hand, if you are looking for a data recovery service that is equipped with only limited low cost technology, we are afraid that we can't meet your needs.

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